Tenets of Truth

We follow certain core tenets of truth. I will continue to expound upon these with further posts as time goes on. These tenants are the core foundations and presuppositions from which the content is based upon.

Truths about God

  • That He exists
  • That He is knowable & personal
  • That He is holy, good, & just
  • That He exists as one God, but in three distinct persons (Father, Son, & Holy Spirit)
  • That He has spoken to mankind through chosen prophets, Apostles, and finally His Son, Jesus.
  • God’s special revelation to mankind, the Bible, is inspired, infallible, inerrant, and completely sufficient for all matters of faith and practice.

Truths about Jesus

  • That He is real
  • That He has eternally existed with the Father
  • That He is a member of the Trinity
  • That He is the Christ, the Son of God
  • That He became incarnate in order to live and die on behalf of sinful humanity
  • That He is the only way to God and true salvation

Truths about our World

  • That objective reality and truth exists and is knowable
  • That it was created
  • That it’s culture and system has been in a state of rebellion against God