Theos Matters

God Matters…

Tenets of Truth

I follow certain core tenets of truth. I will continue to expound upon these with further posts as time goes on. But these tenants are the core foundation of my views on this blog.

Truth about God

  • That He exists
  • That He is knowable & personal
  • That He is holy, good, & just
  • That He exists as one God, but in three distinct persons (Father, Son, & Holy Spirit)
  • That He has spoken to mankind through chosen prophets, Apostles, & finally the Son. God has saw to it that we have His written word, the Bible.
  • God’s Word, the Bible, is inspired, infallible, inerrant, and completely sufficient for all matters of faith and practice.

Truth about Jesus

  • That He is real
  • That He has eternally existed with the Father
  • That He is a member of the Tri-Une God
  • That He is the Christ, the Son of God
  • That He is the only way to God & true salvation

Truth about our World

  • That objective reality/truth exists & is knowable
  • That it was created
  • That it’s culture/system is in a state of rebellion against God
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