Putting God on Trial at Nuremberg

Putting God on Trial at Nuremberg


[I originally posted this August 23, 2013. I had mistakenly said Mr. Ferguson and Mr. Torri were not interested in reading my response letter. Mr. Ferguson informed me in my comments section that they DID read my article. I accidentally misread the email response from them to mean they were not interested in reading it. What they meant was they were not interested in further response to what I had said in response to Mr. Torri's article. I have edited this original post and changed that sentence to now reflect that they did read my article response.]A few weeks ago I was assigned the task of answering the question if God really was immoral as a certain article was suggesting. I was sent a link to another WordPress blog called Kelsos. This blog had a guest post from May 2013 entitled If God was at Nuremberg. I have linked the article so you can read it for yourself. It is not very long nor is it technical and hard to read. This article had troubled some Christians since the author of it claims God would have been found guilty along with the Axis leaders at the Nuremberg Trials after the end of World War II. In this article he uses the Bible to show how God would have been found guilty of torture, genocide, and slavery specifically.Upon reading the article I noticed several errors and misrepresentations of the Bible that the author used to base his claims. What followed was an eight and a half page article I wrote to address the inconsistencies and flaws the author made in his assertions and conclusions. I wrote the article in the form of a letter to the author because I make an appeal to him to see reason and the truth of Christ and the Word. I emailed the blog administrator with the article and politely explained the situation and asked that they consider reading the response. The administrator kindly said he would contact the author and make him aware of my letter.A few days later they responded. They read my response letter and still felt the arguments in Mr. Torri's article stand as they are. The administrator did however agree to link my response to the article so his readers could have the opportunity to view a critique if they wished. For their time and consideration of my response article I am grateful and I must also note that the blog administrator was very professional and polite in his emails to me.In my post here I am attaching my response that I wrote as a letter/article to the author. I encourage you to first read Mr. Torri's article found here before you read my response so that it makes more sense. I hope you read his then read my response whether you are a Christian or not. I hope I make it clear to you that Mr. Torri's article was not a fair treatment of the Bible as he attempts to put God on trial. I did not cover everything that could have been said about Mr. Torri's article. What I attempted to do was show specific flaws in his arguments against the God of the Bible. I also attempt to show the irrationality of thinking that we who are but mortals can put the Creator God on trial. The error Mr. Torri makes is the error every non-Christian makes ultimately; that we can judge God with our human, mortal standards. I thank you in advance for your time to read my response and I pray God is glorified and you are encouraged by this.Response to If God was at Nuremberg

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