Two Births from God (Luke 1:5-38)

Today’s devotion comes from a larger selection of verses since they are one continuous story. However the point comes from a single verse, thirty-seven. Luke 1:37 reads, “For nothing will be impossible with God (NASB).” These verses in Luke detail the prophecies concerning John the Baptist and Jesus. John the Baptist was to be the forerunner of the Messiah who is Jesus. Both of their births were to be miraculous and near each other in timing. Examining these prophecies we learn a great truth about God and His ability.Zacharias and Elizabeth were older than child-bearing years, yet an angel of God told Zacharias in the Temple that he would have a son. He was to name his son John and he would be no ordinary boy. John would be great in God’s sight as he would have the Holy Spirit while still in the womb and God had chosen him to be the forerunner of the Messiah. Zacharias expressed doubt of these things so he was struck with a mute mouth until John would be born. This served as both a punishment to Zacharias and a sign that the prophecy was true.Later on Mary, an engaged virgin teenage Hebrew girl, was visited by an angel. The angel told her that she would conceive a Son by a miracle of the Holy Spirit. The Son she would bear was to be named Jesus and He would be the Messiah of God, God’s own Son. Mary responded with humble obedience and accepted this prophecy but asked how she could have a son while being a virgin. The angel while speaking to Mary said that nothing is impossible with God.I challenge you to take time and read over all of these verses as I do not have time in this post to go through all the amazing details. What stands out the most through these two prophecies is God’s sovereign power; hence the angel’s testifying that nothing would be impossible with God to see these miraculous prophecies come true.First let’s consider John the Baptist’s prophecy. How can it be that an elderly couple would have a son? How can it be that he would already be saved before he would even be born? Yes John the Baptist was already regenerate, born-again, before he was even born because he already possessed the Holy Spirit (Luke 1:15b)! How can it be that he would grow up and become the preaching forerunner of Jesus, God’s Messiah? How can it be that he, as a mere man, would turn the hearts of many sinful Jews back to God their Father?Zacharias had these same concerns that led him to question the angel’s message. All of this may sound ridiculous to the human mind, but it is a testimony to the awesome sovereign power of God. Only God would have the power to give this elderly couple a son; regenerate him with the Holy Spirit before his own birth; choose and equip him to be the forerunner for Jesus Christ; give power to his preaching so as to cause sinners to repent. It was all a humanly impossible concept that was made possible only in the sovereign mind and power of God.Next let’s consider Jesus’ prophecy. How can it be that a virgin would become pregnant while remaining a virgin throughout it all? How can it be that this child would be the Messiah? How can it be that this child would be the begotten Son of God? How can it be that this child was actually God come in the flesh?Mary simply asked the angel how would this happen to her since she was a virgin. His answer was because God is sovereign! Only God could see to it that a real virgin conceive a child; that this child would be the Savior; that this child was His only begotten Son; that this child was the second person of the Trinity [the Word of God made flesh, see John 1:1-5]; and choose Mary to bear the Son.Do you see the awesome power of God throughout these two prophetic birth decrees? Do you see that it is only the sovereign power of God that made them possible? Do you realize that nothing is impossible with God? Never doubt that what God has said in His Word [The Bible] He will do, He will actually do it. The one true God of the Bible is an all powerful Sovereign. He is like no other false god that man can invent. He is stronger than all the false gods of all the cults and religions of the entire universe added together.Have you come to know the sovereign God and His power to save the sinner? Christians, do you rejoice in the realization of what a sovereign powerful God we serve?Read more at

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