Be On Alert! -Mark 13:32-37

Jesus was asked prior to this passage by His disciples as to when the end time events would occur. Jesus’ words here have led to much debate over the true interpretation what Jesus actually meant about the end times. I want to focus your attention to an aspect about the end times that is not up for debate according to the Bible.In mark’s version of this discourse, Jesus concludes His teachings on the end times with a warning to all. We should not get caught up in the how and when of the end times because Jesus says in verse thirty-two that no one knows the day or hour of these things happening, including Jesus Himself! Only God the Father knows the when and the true how of these events. What are we to learn from all of this then?Jesus states clearly what every person is to know about the end times, “Take heed, keep on the alert (Mark 13:33).” We do not know nor can we know when these things will take place, but Jesus says that we can know for certain they will take place. Jesus will be returning to ultimately judge all sin and evil and create a new heavens and new earth. His elect will dwell with Him for all eternity in the way we were created to before the Fall in Genesis 3.Jesus tells a parable of a man who took a trip away from home. He left his estate in the care of his servants and gave them tasks during his absence. Jesus said that the servants must be vigilant and see to their duties because they do not know when the master will return. The servants would not want to be found sleeping on the job when the master comes home again.Jesus says this is the case with all of us. Our Lord has left us the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19, 20) among other Christian duties and we must not get focused on the distractions of this life. Rather we must be about doing the business of the Lord that He has left for us until His return. “What I say to you I say to all, ‘Be on the alert!’” Jesus says in verse thirty-seven.Is your life focused on doing the things Jesus has left for you to do while on this earth. Is your life consumed with evangelizing the lost, serving your church body, growing in the Bible, seeking for holiness? Or have you become distracted by your own personal goals and ambitions? Heed Jesus’ warning and be on the alert! You do not want to be found sleeping on the job when He returns.

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