What is Truth, part 5

The world today has its own popular philosophies concerning truth. Truth is mostly viewed as subjective and to be found from within the individual. An individual is free to create their own truths within their own reality. Behind all of these flawed ideas about what truth is and where it is to be found, is also a flawed notion about the purpose of truth. What is the objective or goal of the truth?So far we have focused our investigation of truth from the dialogue between Jesus and Pilate in John chapter eighteen while also looking at other verses throughout John’s Gospel. We have learned from this passage that the nature of truth is outer-worldly. Jesus taught that the truth of this universe is not of or from this universe. Therefore truth is objective not subjective. It is to be found from outside the individual not from within him.We also learned about the essence of truth, that it is not a what but a who. The essence of truth is a Person, Jesus Christ. He is the embodiment of the Truth of God. This means that everything Jesus says is the truth and everything He does is equally the truth. He Himself is the very essence of all the truth in the universe.We then learned about the content of truth that it is nothing less than the Words of God. We explored other areas of John where Jesus said His Words were not even His own. He spoke and did everything God the Father was speaking. Since Truth is out of this world, is found in Jesus Christ, and Jesus said He spoke the very Words of God, then the content of truth is God’s Words. We also discovered that this is the Bible. The Bible’s contents are the Words of God.So truth is objective, contained in the Person of Jesus Christ, consists of God’s Words to humanity, and is to be learned from the pages of the Bible. Truth is authoritative over us not subjective under us. The Bible containing God’s Words is therefore the absolute final authority on what the truth is.For our final point to consider about the truth, let us now look at the point of all of this. Why does this all even matter? Why are we to concern ourselves with knowing the truth and the qualities of truth in the first place? We can answer this by looking at our fourth and final element of the truth, the goal of truth. What is the objective or goal of truth? Why is it here for us in the first place?God’s Truth is not a concept or philosophy for man to master. The truth is not here for us to become masters over the weaker minded. Truth has a clear purpose for even being revealed to men. Let us again turn to Scripture to see what we can learn about the goal of truth.John 3:31-36 contains a great testimony from John the Baptist about Jesus Christ. John was questioned by the Jews if he was the Christ, but John denied this and claimed that he was merely the forerunner to prepare the way for the Christ. He delivers this testimony about Jesus by saying that Jesus comes from above. Since He comes from above He is therefore above all and Lord over all. John says in verse thirty-two that what Jesus has seen and heard from God the Father, He has come down to this earth to testify about. John says though that no one receives His testimony.However, those who do receive Jesus testimony as the truth are also affirming in their hearts that God is true. Again we see that Jesus speaks the words of God to men and reveals the truth of God. So what is the point of Jesus revealing God’s words? John the Baptist says in verse thirty-six,

He who believes in the Son [Jesus] has eternal life; but he who does not obey the Son [Jesus] will not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him."

This is perhaps the clearest answer in the entire Bible as to the goal of truth. The whole purpose for God sending His Son Jesus into this world to testify to God’s truth was so that people could have eternal life. John says that those who believe Jesus’ testimony by accepting His words as God’s truth are given eternal life.Packed in this single verse is more truth than we can explain in this post. Let us focus on a few elements that help us with our topic we are considering. Looking at the end of this verse first we see that God’s wrath or judgment is upon those who are without Jesus Christ in their life. This is because every human being stands before the holy God of the universe guilty of sinning against Him and violating His holy standard. God must judge all sin and evil, including people who are sinful and evil. This is what John means by God’s wrath is abiding on people without the Son.God sent the Son into this world though, to testify to the truth that we are sinful and guilty before Him. This is the bad news about our condition. But God also sent Jesus into this world to testify to the Good News that there is forgiveness and eternal life in the Son. Jesus Christ being the truth of God in human flesh taught and showed what it means to follow God and to have eternal life by faith in Him. John the Baptist says in this verse that it is only those people who believe Jesus’ testimony about God, sin, and judgment to come who are granted eternal life.So what is the goal of truth? Truth’s goal and final end game is to save sinful people from the wrath of God to come at the end of this life. In fact if you were to read the Bible from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21 you would see that the goal of the entire Bible is to reveal to people about God’s judgment to come of all sin (including sinful people), and to reveal the hope of eternal life God provides in Jesus Christ His Son.We study to know the truth so that we can first of all be saved from the wrath of God to come. By putting our entire faith and trust in Jesus Christ as the only sacrifice for our sins, we pass from eternal death and judgment to eternal life and freedom. Jesus came to provide atonement for sinners who deserve eternal punishment from God their Creator. John the Baptist says in this passage that those who believe Jesus’ testimony and believe in Him as the Son of God, God Himself come in the flesh to die for sinful people, are saved from the punishment due them.After we believe in Jesus’ testimony and repent of our sin, we then must know the truth so that we can live and walk as Jesus did. All of this is so that we can honor God by living a life of faithfulness and humble obedience; then in turn we are to share this truth with others so that they may have eternal life in Jesus as well.Let us never forget the point and goal of God’s Truth. It is to warn people of their eternal condemnation, and to save people from their sin and the judgment of God to come. God sent His Son into the world so that the world might be saved through His life, death, and resurrection (see John 3:1-21).Have you come to know this Truth? Have you come to know forgiveness in the Son and to know that you are saved from God’s wrath to come? If so, do you see the point of truth is to know God through His Son Jesus Christ? Also to share with those who do not yet know the truth?He who has hears let him hear that while the world says truth is up for debate and not authoritative, God says it is not and we must conform our lives to His Truth and His Ways. We do this to be saved from His judgment, to live a life in obedience to Him, and to share with the world the truth of God.Read more at

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