What is Truth, part 2

Let me pose more questions to ponder as we learn more about the truth. Can something that is true for you not be true for me? Are there absolute rights and wrongs? Also, what is the truth about reality? How is reality determined? Is it by our mind that we determine our own reality and what is true within that reality? Or is there a higher objective reality with its own set of truths that overpower individual truths? In this post I want to examine another aspect of truth, the Nature of Truth. Where does truth come from?I began this blog by introducing the idea of truth and what can be learned about it from the dialogue between Pontius Pilate and Jesus Christ. I did not cover specifics but introduced what I am concerned with on this blog, the truth. I also introduced some questions such as, is their objective truth or is truth defined by the individual.Our culture largely tells us that truth comes from within you. You are the creator and decider of truth within your own reality. Is this what the Bible teaches concerning truth? Does the Bible say there is such a thing as your truth rather than the truth? Does relativism and personal truth have any place in the life of a Christian? Back in John chapter eighteen, Pilate asks Jesus if He is a king. Jesus affirms He is a king but that, “[His] kingdom is not of this world (NASB).” Jesus further explains that if His kingdom had its origin from this world then His followers would be taking up arms to forcibly defend Jesus from capture by the Jews.His followers however were not doing this because Jesus’ kingdom is not an earthly kingdom. With this response from Jesus we see that the very nature of Truth is Outer-Worldly. That is to say that truth does not originate from this world nor is it bound to it. Kingdoms and empires rise and fall by human might, yet Jesus’ kingdom is not from this world. Therefore human might and wisdom have no bearing upon it because His kingdom exists over and above this world and all its wisdom. Jesus says the very reason for Him having come into this world was to testify to the truth. He even says, “Everyone who is of the truth hears My voice (NASB).” Jesus comes from outside of this universe and His voice bears the voice of truth itself. The nature of truth then is that it does not originate from this world or universe even. Truth cannot be found from searching within yourself nor the wisdom of this world. Rather truth is found in Jesus Christ’s voice and His kingdom, neither of which are from this world. How should we respond when the world around us says to look to ourselves or other fellow humans for truth?We must heed Jesus’ words and realize the nature of truth is not found individually as each of us desires to make our own reality. The nature of truth is that it is objective not subjective; it comes from outside of us not from within us; and it does not come from this world but from Jesus’ kingdom out of this world. Since the nature of truth is objective and outer-worldly, this means truth has authority over us. We are not at liberty to create whatever truth we desire, nor are we at liberty to choose from a buffet of truths the world may offer. We must do away with the notion that what is true for you may not be true for me and seek truth from outside of us and this world. We are also not to cave in to the pressure of our culture which tells us that you can be a Christian as long as you do not impose your Christian views upon others. Many Christians unfortunately are buying into this idea wholesale. Jesus was neither bigoted nor unloving, yet He boldly proclaimed that there is such a thing as real objective truth that all peoples everywhere must adhere to. This truth is not from this world’s wisdom; rather it is from God and His wisdom. Next post we will examine the Essence of Truth.Read more at

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