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God Matters…


Theos Matters is a personal Christian blog sharing through the reaching power of the internet various matters about God, and ultimately to share the truth that God truly matters above all else. The name for the blog carries a double meaning. Theos in the Greek New Testament is the word for God. The name means we talk about matters of God here, and that God truly matters above all else.

I have been engaged in local church ministry for several years now and began to develop a passion for writing.

I decided to launch this blog as another way to reach readers with various topics about God. We examine theology, apologetics, the local church, culture, and quite honestly any other topic deemed necessary.

This is a Christian blog, but my hope is that non-Christians may also find any answers to questions they may have about matters of God, and truly see that God matters.

About Me:

I am Dustin, a sinner saved by God’s grace; a husband; a father; a Student Pastor. I also write answers for the popular Q&A website,

I am a passionate student and practitioner of Expository preaching and teaching. Find out more about my views in the Tenets of Truth section.

My views on this blog are my own and do not necessarily represent that of any group, organization, or church, or employer I am affiliated with.

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