Theos Matters is an unashamedly Christian website. My purpose is to help encourage, educate, and inform the sincere Christian in their faith. Also to lovingly provide answers to those who are curious about the truths of God, and to lovingly provide a reasoned defense to those who may be adversarial to the truth claims of Christianity.

Theos in the Greek New Testament is the word used for God, and subsequently the reason for the name of this site. My goal is to show that God truly matters in all matters of life.

On this site you will find content on subjects such as: theology, apologetics (defending the claims of Christianity), culture, ethics, and ministry to name a few.

The Purpose

My purpose for starting this site is two-fold. In-reach and Out-reach.

In-reach. To reach out to those already inside the body of Christ (the Church) to encourage and help believers grow more mature in their faith. The local church should be the primary means for the growth and development of the Christian as they submit themselves to the shepherding of their pastoral leadership (Ephesians 4:11-12; Hebrews 13:7; 1 Peter 5:1-4). Theos Matters is a supplemental resource to the efforts of the church in carrying out the equipping and encouragement of the saints.

Outreach. To reach out to those outside of Christ who are either sincerely curious or sincerely adversarial. I strive to give a compelling defense of the Christian faith as well as explore the reasons why Christians believe what we believe (1 Peter 3:15). I know some people already have their minds fortified against Christianity or any form of religion. My hope is to offer compelling defenses and reasons for thinking otherwise. Others might still be searching for answers as to what is real and should be believed as true. I hope to offer helpful hope and answers to any doubts or questions.

God-Honoring. Above all I want to honor our great God by making much of Jesus Christ and what He has done for the whole world with His sacrificial offer of Himself as the payment for sins against holy God.

About Me